Y-DNA Test in the Pemberton DNA Project

Pemberton DNA Project Tests

This is where you can order a 37 marker, Y-DNA test kit from Family Tree DNA at the year-round discounted price and be certain your test is within the Pemberton DNA Project.

Please note that the DNA sample needed for this test must come from a male. The sample is taken from the mouth by rubbing a cotton swab inside the cheek – simple, quick and painless. The Y-DNA test uses portions of the DNA that are passed only from father to son which makes it parallel to the passing down of the surname – in most cases. So to be effective in tracing a surname, the sample must come from a male whose DNA came from a male line of the surname of interest – in this case a Pemberton. There are thousands of surnames being traced using the Y-DNA test.

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[Ed. Note] Because Family Tree DNA has discounts available, and the Guild of One-Name Studies (of which we are a member) always has discounted kits available, your best move is to email the PFWW and ask how best to proceed. Please use president@pembertonfamily.com.

About Jackson Pemberton

I started the Pemberton Family World Wide in 2010 as a place to publish findings of the Pemberton One-Name Study based in London.
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