Ordering a Y-DNA Test in the Pemberton DNA Project

Pemberton DNA Project Tests

This is where you can order a 37 marker, Y-DNA test kit from Family Tree DNA or you can order your test through the Guild of One-Name Studies. The Pemberton Family World Wide association is a member of the Guild and has access to the discounted prices they offer. (They have purchased a large block of tests from Family Tree DNA.)

Please note that the DNA sample needed for this test must come from a male. The sample is taken from the mouth by rubbing a cotton swab inside the cheek – simple, quick, and painless. The Y-DNA test uses portions of the DNA that are passed only from father to son which makes it parallel to the passing down of the surname – in most cases. So to be effective in tracing a surname, the sample must come from a male whose DNA came from an unbroken male line of the surname of interest – in this case a Pemberton. There are thousands of surnames being traced using the Y-DNA test. If you can’t provide a sample from a continuous line, you can probably find someone who can: perhaps a grandfather, great-uncle, or even a cousin who has a common Pemberton male ancestor with you.

Order Your Test Kits Here

Because Family Tree DNA often has discounts available, and the Guild of One-Name Studies always has discounted kits available, your best move is to click these two links and see which price is better.  You want to order a Y-DNA 37 kit and be sure to indicate that it is part of the Pemberton DNA Project. Guild prices are in British Pounds but you can compare prices by entering the number of British Pounds here to see the equivalent US dollars.

The test kits are identical and processed by the same laboratory. The only difference is Family Tree DNA takes US dollars and ships from the USA and the Guild takes British pounds and US dollars and ships from the United Kingdom.

About Jackson Pemberton

I started the Pemberton Family World Wide in 2010 as a place to publish findings of the Pemberton One-Name Study based in London.
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