Pemberton DNA Project Donation

Donation to the Pemberton DNA Project

By donating to the Pemberton DNA Project, you are assisting the documentation of the genealogy of the worldwide Pemberton family. Funds received by the Project are used solely for the purchase of tests at our host laboratory, Family Tree DNA. The PFWW does not use any part of these donations for administrative or other costs, not even for postage expenses related to the Project or its functions.

Because the cost of a donation has been set at one US Dollar, you can contribute any amount you wish. To donate $50 simply “order” 50 donations.

Once you make a donation (place an order) here, the funds go into an account which is used to assist people with the purchase of DNA test kits at the year-round discounted price awarded the PFWW. Your donation/order is handled like an item we sell such as a T-Shirt and we use the shopping cart system of this website to carry that out.

For detailed INSTRUCTIONS on how to use the shopping cart, click here. If you still need more information, email the

Make Your Donation Here

Each donation costs one US dollar. To donate $100, order 100 donations.

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Note: To return to this page after clicking “Add to Cart”, click the “Continue Shopping” button.

Please note that all purchase transactions initiated on this website, are carried out by PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account) and that none of your financial information is acquired or retained by the PFWW or this website. When you make a puchase, you will be handed off to the PayPal system where you can use a debit or credit card or a PayPal account and when your financial transaction is complete, the PayPal system will hand you back to the PFWW system.

About Jackson Pemberton

I started the Pemberton Family World Wide in 2010 as a place to publish findings of the Pemberton One-Name Study based in London.
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