Download Presentations of the 2012 Reunion

After the reunion was over, this author received several emails from attendees. The majority of these included praise for the excellent presentations that the PFWW provided. The PFWW is happy to share these with all its members.

Dixie Ann Pemberton’s Presentations 

Dixie Pemberton, Vice-President of the PFWW, related the history and content of the old George Middleton Pemberton Scrapbook that came into her hands a decade earlier. She focused on the genealogical implications of the family history records contained in the scrapbook paying particular attention to the changes it forced in the pedigrees of hundreds of Pembertons, especially those who had a George X Pemberton, son of John Pemberton and Frances de Rochelle.

In a separate presentation, she summarized a detailed study on the Pemberton Families of the Virginia Colony. This study deals with where they lived and what their connections may have been. She also covered the interesting facts surrounding the payment for George and Isaiah Pemberton’s property by the then future President George Washington. Anyone doing Pemberton research in the Virginia Colony will want to “attend” this presentation by downloading the Power Point document and paging through its slides while listening to its sound track. This can be done by downloading and playing the sound track, or one can listen from this browser page by clicking on the small “Play” triangle in the streaming audio player below. Backgroud information on this presentation can be found in a separate article here.

The Pemberton Scrapbook (Power Point, 13.7 MB) alt
Pembertons of Early Virginia (Power Point, 7.6 MB) alt
Pembertons of Early Virginia (mp3 Sound Track, 17.9 MB) alt
Or stream the sound track in this browser window. {saudioplayer}DixieVApembertons.mp3{/saudioplayer}

Damian Pemberton’s Presentation on Pemberton Origins

Damiian is the PFWW’s Historian and he certainly earned the office with his work. Damian presented the findings of his extensive research into the origins of the Pemberton family. He provided an incredibly detailed Pemberton Timeline of the history of England starting with the Romans and proceeding up to modern times. This is an Excel spread sheet. He also prepared a Power Point presentation called Pemberton Timeline Maps which provided maps to illustrate important times in the Pemberton Timeline. The third handout was the Pemberton Synopsis, a Word document that provides an outline of his presentation. Damian was “live” in the dining hall via remote internet connection from Manchester, England. The center of his discussion was the issue of whether the Pemberton family comes from Anglo-Saxon, Norman, or Celtic stock.

Pemberton Timeline (Excel, 25KB) alt
Pemberton Timeline Maps (Power Point, 2.9 MB) alt
Pemberton Synopsis (Word, 18KB) alt

Jackson Pemberton’s Presentation the Pemberton DNA Project

The current President of the PFWW presented a report on the Pemberton DNA Project by discussing how genealogical DNA works, the surprising early results of the project, and the exciting things happening during the reunion regarding the sample in the laboratory for the ffrench-Pemberton line of New Zealand.

The Pemberton DNA Project (Power Point, 925 KB) alt

About Jackson Pemberton

I started the Pemberton Family World Wide in 2010 as a place to publish findings of the Pemberton One-Name Study based in London.
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