Known Pemberton Households in 1790 American Census

This is not about a particular Pembrton branch, but about the branches that were found in the early American Colonies.

The following is from a posting on rootsweb on February 22, 2014.

This is a list of known Pemberton households in the United States in 1790 as compiled by researcher I. Irl Pemberton and posted in 2001 and reposted by member G. Michael Pemberton in February 2014. Thanks to Michael and Ernest.

South Carolina

Geo-Newberry County
Geo-Newberry County
Peggy-Newberry County
Josiah-Union County  [Editor’s Note: This should be rendered “Isaiah” as pointed out by member Ernest Pemberton.]
Richard-Union County
Thomas-Union County
Stephen-New London County
Thomas-Harford County


Edward-Greenbrier County
Francis-Powhatan County
James-Amherst County
John-Pittsylvania County
John-Pittsylvania County
Joseph-Pittsylvania County
Joseph-Pittsylvania County
William-Pittsylvania County
William-Powhatan County
William-Pittsylvania County


Ann-Philadelphia County
James-Philadelphia County
John-Washington County
John-Philadelphia County
Philadelphia-Philadelphia County
Samuel-Philadelphia County
Sarah-Philadelphia County

North Carolina

John-Richmond County
John-Bladen County
Margaret-Bladen County
Richard-Anson County
Richard-Montgomery County
Stith-Montgomery County


Henary-Baltimore County
John-Queen Anna

New Hampshire

James-Hillsborough County
Leonard-Cheshire County


Ebenezer-Essex County
Thomas-Suffolk County

“There were no other Pemberton’s listed in Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine and
New York to complete the twelve states in the Union at that time. But here
is listed thirty-eight distinct Pemberton families. But note the variety of
Pemberton’s: in South Carolina there is the Quaker group in Newberry County
and other groups in the other county listed; in North Carolina, there is the
French or deJarnet line and then other groups; in Virginia, the Huguenot,
the Quaker, and families from either group.” I. Irl Pemberton from Annals of
Newberry, S.C.

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