Pemberton, George, 1685 – , Cheshire, England

George Pemberton, ca. 1685 – and his Son Isaiah Pemberton

This George Pemberton, the son of George Pemberton and Sarah Middleton (both of Cheshire) emigrated to the Virginia Colony in 1710. He married Elizabeth Brooks with whom he had issue: Isaiah, George, Ann, Judith, and Sarah. He and his son Isaiah purchased land in 1750 as shown in the map below. Below the map are some pictures taken in 2011 of a small potion of these properties which consisted of approximately 500 acres each. (A square mile is 640 acres.)

Just as a matter of interest, the following chronology is offered. A full description of most of these transactions appear in Mr. Washington’s Order,  the feature article by James Lloyd, of Volume 1, Number 2 of the Pemberton Post dated November 26, 2011.

  1. 1722 (approx) George Pemberton born (hereinafter called GP)
  2. 1732 February 22, George Washington born (hereinafter called GW)
  3. 1747, Summer, GW, age 15 surveyed his brother’s beet garden to gain practice of the craft
  4. 1747, Sept 18, GW’s brother, Lawrence Washington purchases 100 acres near what is now the center of Charles Town, WV
  5. 1748, February, GW, age 16, invited to join a surveying expedition for Lord Fairfax
  6. 1750, April 4, GP receives a warrant to survey 500 acres “where he lives joining on the North side of the Worthington Patent”
  7. 1750 Spring, GP’s daughter Sarah marries Thomas Carney, son of Thomas Carney.
  8. 1750, October, GW begins purchasing land for himself in western Virginia
  9. 1750, October 3 Note is added to the cover sheet for the GP survey directing Pemberton charges to be applied to “Mr. Washington’s” account.
  10. 1750, October 15 Lord Fairfax deeds land to GP, 473 acres
  11. 1750, October 16 Lord Fairfax deeds land to Isaiah Pemberton, 542 acres
  12. Guy Broadwater files [or executes?] George Pemberton surveyGuy Broadwater files [or executes?] Isaiah Pemberton survey
  13. 1751 March 18 GW files Thomas Carney’s survey with the county
  14. 1770 George Pemberton deeds his property to Samuel Washington, GW’s brother
  15. 1770 Isaiah Pemberton deeds his property to Samuel Washington

The Map Showing Properties of George and Isaiah Pemberton and George Washington and two of his brothers.


Some Photographs of the Isaiah and George Pemberton Properties

The following were taken by Richard White Watson and used here with his permission. The first is a panorama stitched together from three photos. The center view here is looking West from a point a little NW of the SE end of the common boundary between the two properties.

West Panorama from Ambler Road

The following is looking South from the Northeast boundary of the George property.

D-S from Elder Rd-2

And this one is looking South from the housing development  also along the Northeast boundary of the George property.

E-S from Development

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