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This is a card catalogue of books and other publications that one might find in hard copy and of books out of print that are of particular interest for their Pemberton history content. There is a also a physical, hard copy library in the Pemberton Family World Wide organization. It has its own card catalogue here elsewhere on this website.

Also included below are some links to databases of particular interest to Pemberton researchers.

Links below on a light green background are to items located on the PFWW website. Other links go offsite. Some are for information only and have no link either on or off this website.

A History of the County of Lancaster, Volume 4, William Farrer & J. Brownbill (editors), 1911. This book contains a section on the township and the manor of Pemberton including genealogical information about the early Pemberton families in the area. See also related comments in the Pemberton Places area of the present website.

An Index to the 3,562 Unindexed Names in William Wade Hinshaw’s Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. The index published along with this Hinshaw collection missed at least 3, 562 names that are mentioned in the Encyclopedia. This is an index of those missing name.

An Index to the Wills and Inventories Now Preserved in the Court of Probate at Chester, From A.D. 1621 to 1650; with Two Appendices: I) A List of the Lancashire and Cheshire Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1650 – 1660; and II) A List of the Lancashire and Cheshire Administrations Granted in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1650 – 1660. Edited by J. P. Earwaler, M. A., F. S. A. and printed for the Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents Relating to Lancashire and Cheshire, Vol. IV, 1881. The Introduction to this book contains a history of the problems relating to wills and inventories in Cheshire incident to the Civil War, the abolition of Episcopacy, the relevant acts of the House of Commons, etc during the period 1621 – 1660, with recommendations for finding missing wills and indexes thereto.

An Index to the Wills and Inventories Now Preserved in the Probate Registry at Chester, From A.D. 1791 to 1800; with an Appendix containing The List of the “Infra” Wills (or those in which the personality was under £40), Between the Same Years. Printed for the Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents Relating to Lancashire and Cheshire, Vol. XLV, 1902. The Preface of this book printed in Liver Pool by W. Barton and Co., 19, Sir Thomas Street, begins thus: “The present Volume completes the Indexes to the Wills, Inventories, and Administration Bonds now preserved in the District Probate Registry at Chester, from the earliest date, viz.: – 1545 to the year 1800. This is the latest date to which the President of the Probate Division of His Majesty’s High Court of Justice has permitted the Indexes to be copied, and is no doubt sufficiently late for the historical and genealogical purposes of Members of the Society. In bringing this series to a conclusion, the Council desire [sic] to point out that the Members are now in possession of the only complete series of the kind that has been published by any Archaeological Society. In these Indexes upwards of 140,000 names of Lancashire and Cheshire men occur, …”

British National Archives microfilms viewable online:

Cheshire Parish Register Project is a data base of extracted information from nearly all the parish registers in Cheshire.

Growing the Pemberton Family Tree and Related Families, A website containing the research philosophy, notes and findings of Daniel Buckley as he and others, among other things, critically reviewed the genealogical content of a Pemberton Scrapbook by George M. Pemberton. Our appreciation is extended to Daniel’s widow, Dannie Patricia Little Buckley, for allowing the PFWW to copy and re-publish that website so at to preserve it’s content by duplication.

Daniel Buckley passed has passed away and the above site is no longer available. However –

That site is thus also mostly available here. Note that the process of copying to the PFWW site was not entirely complete and some images of navigation buttons, etc are not rendered nicely.

Lancashire Inquests, Extents, and Feudal Aids, A.D. 1205 – A.D. 1307. (8 Mb pdf file) Edited by William Farrer and published by The Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents Relating to Lancashire and Cheshire, Vol. XLVIII, 1903. The Introduction to the 1903 edition printed in Liver Pool by Wl Barton and Co., 19 Sir Thomas Street, begins: “In the following pages the editor has endeavoured to bring together all the returns of sworn inquests, extents, feodaries, rentals, and accounts (compotus), relating to the county of Lancashire during the reigns of Kig John, Henry III, and Edward I., wherein paarticulars of ownership, tenure, service, extent, and value of lands have been recorded.”

Marriage Licenses Granted within The Archdeaconry of Chester in the Diocese of Chester, Vol. II., 1616 – 1624. Edited by Wm. Fergusson Irvine, F.S.A., Printed for the Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents Relating to Lancashire and Cheshire, Vol. LVI, 1908. There is a clickable index beginning on page 205. You can download the pdf file but it is images. Using the link above, you can search the text for individual names and you will see short clips where they occur and page numbers.

Notes on the Pemberton Family, Ancestors of Emilius Oviatt Randall” by Evelyn from The Old Northwest Quarterly; The Old Northwest Genealogical Society; Columbus, Ohio; July, 1898 (Per SCGS)

Our Migratory Story, The Making of Britain
This website presents the often untold stories of the generations of migrants who came to and shaped the British Isles. The site also explains the process of “denization”; how citizenship was awarded to immigrants. Still extant letters of denization are here: .

Pemberton of St. Albans and The Mother of Roger Williams by G. Andrews Moriarty from “Genealogies of “Genealogies of Rhode Island Families”; Indexed by Carol Lee Ford; Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc.; Baltimore, Maryland; 1983 (974.6 RI/Genealogies SCGS)

Parliamentary Archives, London, a website where you can search acts of British Parliament going back into the 1600’s.

Pembertons of St. John’s Parishes in Virginia Colony and Barbados, A short review of researched documents and work on this topic by Ernest L. Pemberton, including reports of his trips to the archives in New Kent and King William counties, Virginia in October 1976, and to the archives in Barbados is 1982.

Pembertons Pedigrees 2014, Major-General Robert Charles Boileau Pemberton’s famous 1923 book completely re-published in 2014 by the Pemberton Family World Wide. NOTE: This 2014 edition includes the entire 1923 edition EXCEPT that all but Chart 1 (Lancashire, the Founders) are available only by purchase of the DVD of the entire book in the Pemberton Market or by payment of dues for “Family Patron” membership, or higher. Memberships of record for “Family Member” or higher on December 14, 2014 (the 100th anniversary of R. C. B. Pemberton’s passing) will automatically receive a free copy. Chart 1, Lancashire the Founders, is published online as an example.

The Pemberton Post Newsletter. This page on this website is the archive of all past issues of the official PFWW newsletter.

The Pemberton Family,  written by Walter Kendall Watkins and published in Boston in 1892 by David Clapp & Son, 115 High Street. This is an easily read, collection of photographs of the book, which is “Reprinted from the N.-E. Historical and Genealogical Register for October, 1892, with additions and corrections.” This short publication deals with”Phineas Pemberton, the son-in-law of James Harrison, agent of William Penn, was a grocer in Boulton-le-Moors, arriving in America in 1682 with his father ‘Ralph Pemberton aged 73.’ Ralph may have been the second son of Ralph and Frances Pemberton of …”

Quaker Archives, Catalogue of the Central England Quakers: The existence of a Quaker presence in Warwickshire, Birmingham and the surrounding area from 1645 was recorded by George Fox (1624-1691), the founder of Quakerism, who visited north Warwickshire from his home in Fenny Drayton, across the border in Leicestershire. The first meeting to be established in the county was at Baddesley Ensor, where in 1655, it is estimated there were 100 Friends attending.

Scottish Indexes  An index to a variety of historical Scottish documents, from court and prison records to property and health records. A favourite collection for many researchers is our Scottish Paternity Index!

William Pemberton (b. ca. 1720, d. ca. 6 Jun 1786) Spotsylvania Co., VA. Married Elizabeth Vaughan. A personal website on this Pemberton family by an unknown author and of unknown reliability. It may contain useful clues so “let the buyer beware” – so to speak.

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