Library Card Catalogue (index to hard copies)


This family association is only a few years old, and this physical portion of the library is nearly empty. However, the PFWW Genealogist has an extensive personal library that requires 1,300 feet of shelf space. These materials are, of course, indirectly available to the members of the PFWW.

Other materials in hard copy are listed below in two categories: Materials owned by the PFWW and other materials that are useful to Pemberton researchers that may be found in various libraries and archives. Where known to us, the repositories of these materials are shown.

The Card Catalogue of Materials in the Possession of the Pemberton Family World Wide

  1. The Ancient Parishes, Townships and Chapelries of Cheshire, F. I. Dunn, County and Diocesan Archivist, Cheshire Record Office, Cheshire County Council 1987. ISBN 0 906758 14 9.This is an excellent refence source as it lists all the Hundreds, Parishes, Townships and Chapelries with maps of these jurisdictions. In the Townships (the smallest area) Index, for example, the township of Adlington is shown to be in the ancient parish of Prestbury, in the hundred of Macclesfield, and the Deanery of Macclesfield. This guide may be purchased from the Record Office in Chester, Cheshire, UK. A copy is currently in the personal library of Jackson Pemberton of the PFWW.
  2. The Book of British Topography, A Classified Catalogue of the Topographical Works in the Library of the British Muweum, Relating to Great Britian and Ireland, John P. Anderson, London 1881. Re-published Baltimore, 1970. This is a catalogue of books contained in the British Museum that related to geography, demographics, people, etc. in 1881. It is a very useful volume in that its size indicates the tremendous amount of information that is available if one will only sit down in the reading room of the British Museum and read these works that are nearly all unavailable any other way.
  3. A NEW MAP OF BARBADOES, wherein every Parish, Plantation, Watermill, Windmill & Cattlemill is described with the name of the Present Possessor, and all things els Remarkable according to a Late Exact Survey thereof, This paper map is in the possession of the PFWW and the more interesting portion of it is shown here. To enlarge it, click on it.


The Card Catalogue of Materials Extant in Libraries or Archives

Introductory Note: These are materials that have come to the attention of the PFWW but the ability of access the materials may well be a remaining issue.

  1. Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, John W. Jordan, Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
  2. Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Appleton, volume IV, page 706 [Cyclopaedia is the correct spelling.]
  3. Early New England People, Sarah E. Titcomb, page 52
  4. Historic Mansions of Philadelphia, Westcott, page 494
  5. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Volume III, New York – Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1905 (See also
  6. Pemberton Manuscripts, a collection of about 100 volumes extending over about 200 years from before the birth of William Penn, presented to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. These are probably found in the Penn Manuscripts, Domestic Letters section of the Society’s library.