Webmaster and Graphic Artist Wanted

Webmaster and Graphic Artist Wanted

We are looking for someone, possibly a youth, who is looking for an opportunity to ply his talent and interest in working on this web site. There is much to do and it is always exciting to create something useful, beautiful and lasting. PembertonFamily.com offers that opportunity now. If you know someone who fits this description, please refer them to the president@pembertonfamily.com.

As you can plainly see, this site is in need of some good graphics. We need a nice banner, and several small logos for the various categories and sections of the site. Most of the “articles” (a Joomla denomination for a page) need some art or photos to warm them up and add interest.


We are using the Joomla and TNG engines to drive this site. Joomla is a CMS with great flexibility and many extensions and TNG (The Next Generation) is a robust and popular genealogical platform with many built in features. You can find them both easily using Google.

If you look at the Planned Site Map page on pembertonfamily.com you will get a feel for the breadth of the work and some ideas about how to illustrate or dress it up properly. It would be wonderful if you were a Pemberton, but that is certainly not a requirement. It would also be a great advantage if you can easily align yourself with the vision and goals of the PFWW.

This opportunity pays only in the form of experience, exposure and reputation. It is a chance to build a site that can be used as a showcase of your talent. You can be given credit on the front page if you need that.