The Vision of the Pemberton Family World Wide


Our vision for the Pemberton Family World Wide one-name society is to be a gathering place for all Pembertons and for all things Pemberton, a resource for unity and harmony in Pemberton households, a collaboration point for Pemberton historians and genealogists, a forum for family members worldwide to share and assist one another, a repository of accurate and well-documented Pemberton histories and genealogies and a source of fellowship, fun and intelligence. We hope that reunions and socials will spring up spontaneously and that there will be much enjoyment among those who participate. Is there a better way to celebrate the long and brilliant history of the Pemberton Family World Wide? The PFWW offers several support functions to assist anyone sponsoring a Pemberton reunion: any such reunion can have its own blog, photo album, and mass mailing. The PFWW can also collect reunion fees and place them into a designated account, sell reunion gear, etc.

Collaboration is the Beginning of Proactive Data Gathering and Publication for Members of the PFWW

There is a particular goal in this vision for the sharing of the efforts to gather history and genealogy. It stems from this:

The worldwide Pemberton family can be compared to a huge picture puzzle with each person living or dead representing a single piece. The object of all Pemberton researchers is to put some part of that puzzle together. Each one first puts together the pieces closest to him, the scene that is easiest and most familiar. The other assemblers do the same. Once these first easy scenes are complete, they will think about the other scenes (families) in the puzzle, and if they keep on working on the puzzle, they will begin connecting with other puzzlers. They begin to poke around in one another’s loose pieces to see if they can find the one they need in the other puzzlers cache. They compare notes, discuss probabilities of a fit here or there, and finally begin to assist one another in cooperation to finish the entire picture. Always, they are on the lookout for an opportunity to put scene to scene and have that exulting experience of seeing a larger scene open to the view of all. It is obvious that all these puzzlers can benefit a great deal by collaboration.

But the vision goes well beyond simple collaboration to a vigorous, proactive programme to reach out and gather in Pemberton data, especially data which is not available already on the internet. Just one example: there are many Pemberton wills and while many of them are available on the internet, their texts are not electronically searchable. If you want to know the wife and children of John Pemberton, Blacksmith, of Thortons Hough, you can find it on this website because the Cheshire Wills Extraction Project, sponsored by the Pemberton Family World Wide has extracted and published that will. There are 150 more wills in the Cheshire Record Office waiting to be extracted and published. The plan is to not only publish the full text of the will, but to put its data in the Pemberton Genealogy Storehouse where it can be found using the search engines there and it can be downloaded as a GEDCOM file for perfect tranposition into the records of members of the PFWW.

Hence, our vision is to provide a platform to facilitate collaboration. This website therefore offers forums, repositories for searchable history and genealogical files, a tiered system of security for administrators, authors and collaborators and of course a family tree with a hundred thousand branches. Eventually, the entire puzzle may stand as a world wide landscape containing the thousands of scenes that make us what we are.

The Pemberton Post Newsletter

The Pemberton Post is the official newsletter of the PFWW. It is published whenever sufficient material of interest becomes available. It is in its sixth issue at present (Novemberton 2013). Former issues are available to all registrants on the PFWW website.

Family Helps

As stated in Article II of the Constitution, one of the objectives of the PFWW is to strengthen Pemberton families. This will not be a professional family psychological resource point, of course, but rather a place where any Pemberton can share ideas and stories of things that worked for them. It is therefore more like a repository of favorite recipes where a Pemberton can share a method or process that strengthened him or his family.