Please Update Your Address!

Every time we send out the Pemberton Post to everyone, a few of them are undeliverable. For the Pemberton Post email that just went out, only one of those had a postal address in their profile so the rest are just plain out of touch for the PFWW. Please make sure we have your full mailing address. Only the county (UK) or state (USA) is shown to the public (and we can stop that if you ask). If we have your mailing address, we can mail you a reminder to update your email address – otherwise you are a “goner”.┬áTo add your mailing address, just login, select “Edit Profile” in the black “Profile” tab at the top of the page. About half way down you’ll see the place for your address.

While you are at it, think about putting your other info in there also, especially the given names of the Pembertons of your family history. There are people looking for you but they don’t know it because they don’t know who you are either. Think about it.