Chart 35. London. Descendants of Thomas
Pemberton, of Gough House, Chelsea.

Up to the present it has not been found possible to connect this family with any other, in spite of diligent search on the part of many of its members, who include the well-known solicitors of the firm, “Lee and Pemberton,” from whom much assistance has been received in compiling this Chart. Until 1897 the family used the ordinary Pemberton arms, but as the authority could not be traced a new grant was made in that year and registered at the College of Arms, the new arms being those given on the Chart. Some facts seem to point to an East Indian and others to a West Indian connection.

In the former direction there is the friendship of Thomas Pemberton (No. 1) with Sir Busick Harwood, after whom he named his second son, and who was at one time an Assistant-Surgeon on the Bengal Establishment, while Thomas himself was employed under the H.E.I.C., in the Transfer Office at the East India House in London.

Pointing in the direction of the West Indies is the fact that Thomas' eldest son emigrated before 1789, and settled at St. Kitts, which suggests that he may have been connected with the Pembertons already settled there.*

*See Chart 13.