Charts 30—33. Ireland and Canada.

At least three groups of Pembertons have been found in Ireland, but the exact connection between them has not been traced. It seems highly probable, however, that the second and third are derived from the first. These groups are

1. Descendants of John Pemberton, of Ormskirk, co. Lancs., and co. Carlow, Ireland (Chart 30). This family, or part of it, merged into that of Pemberton-Pigott.

2. Descendants of Joseph Pemberton, cutler, of Dublin, many of whom emigrated and settled in British Columbia (Charts 31-32).

3. Descendants of Benjamin Pemberton, “Bricklayer,” of Raheny, co. Dublin, many of whom also emigrated, and settled in Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Kingston and other parts of Canada (Chart 33).

It will be seen from the Charts that the last two families have many living representatives, and several of these have given much personal assistance in the compilation.