Charts 27 and 28. Pembertons of Boston.

Practically all the information in this Chart has been obtained from the “New England Historical and Genealogical Register,” Vol. 46 (1892), but Miss Titcomb’s “Early New England People” contains a letter written by a James Pemberton, of Boston* to Israel Pemberton of Philadelphia† in 1703, and also one from Thomas Pemberton, of Boston (No 52), the Antiquary, to James Pemberton of Philadelphia (Chart 26, No. 22), which latter gives many details concerning the ancestors of Thomas. This family commences with James Pemberton, who is said to have emigrated from Wales about 1650. His brother John, who also emigrated, returned to England. The descendants of the Rev. Ebenezer Pemberton (No. 13) are given in Chart 28. It has not been found possible to bring the Chart up to date, as there has been no communication with any of the members of this family.

* Miss Titcomb thinks this was James IV. (No. 18) but the compiler of this Chart thinks it was James II. (No. 5).

Certainly Israel 1. (Chart 26. No. 9) the son of Phineas, the emigrant.