Chart 26. Pembertons of Philadelphia.

This branch commences with William Pemberton, of Aspull, Lancashire, who died in 1642, and whose children were baptised at Wigan. Of these children, Ralph, the only son, married Margaret daughter of Thomas Seddon, of Warrington, in 1648, and had two sons, of whom Joseph, the younger, died young. Phineas, the elder son, married Phoebe daughter of James Harrison, a shoemaker, and a Minister of the Society of Friends, and himself joined that Society. James Harrison was an intimate friend of William Penn, and at first acted as his agent in England, but in 1681 he was appointed his agent in America, and he was accompanied thither in 1682 by Phineas Pemberton and his family, including his father, Ralph.

The information on the Chart is derived chiefly from printed sources, but also from correspondence with the late Mr. Henry Pemberton (No. 51), who died in 1910, at the age of 84, and from the Registers of Wigan, and of the Society of Friends.

The authorities referred to are “The Annual Register," Vol. 51. Titcomb’s "Early New England People," Comly’s “The Friends’ Miscellany," Gilpin’s "Exiles in Virginia,” “Life and Travels of John Pemberton” (Friends Library, Vol. 6), Watson’s “Annals of Philadelphia," a pamphlet by Mrs. Babcock, a Memorandum by Mr. Henry Pemberton, and "Genealogical Notes relating to the Lloyd, Pemberton, and other families” from original MSS. of James Pemberton Parke, and Townsend Ward. The suggestion made in the "New England Historical and Genealogical Register,” Vol. 46, that Ralph, father of Phineas, may have been “the second son of Ralph and Frances Pemberton,* parents of the future Judge, etc.," is quite impossible, and he was certainly the son of William of Aspull.

Mr. Henry Pemberton, senior, died in 1910, and his son in 1913, but the widow of the latter has lately been in England, and with her help the Chart has been brought up to date. From a seal in her possession, which belonged to William Pemberton of Aspull (No. l), it seems that in the crest of this branch the dragon’s head is not erect, but facing dexter, as in the case of the Leigh Pembertons.

* See Chart 14, No. 2.