Chart 21. Pembertons of Curdworth and Sutton Coldfield.
Some Star Chamber Proceedings* and the Subsidy Rolls show that there was an Abraham Pemberton at Sutton Coldfield in 1601-2 and 1610, but the Parish Registers render no assistance in identifying him, or connecting him with the Abrahams who followed him there for the next 100 years. An Abraham (No. 2) was married to Jane Crisp at Tatenhill, near Burton-on-Trent, in 1594, and had a son, William, baptised there in 1596, and a daughter in 1618 (Nos. 6 and 7), and it is tempting to think that he moved to Sutton Coldfield, and was the father of tne Abraham who died in 1680 (No. 5). On the other hand the founder of this branch may be Abraham, the son of Thomas Pemberton of Bordesley (Chart 17, No. 13), who was born about 1563, but all this is conjecture. Again, Abraham, of Sutton Coldfield (No. 5), may have been a son of “Old Edward” of Curdworth (No. 1). There was probably a close connection between the Pembertons of Sutton Coldfield and Curdworth, as most of the baptisms, marriages, and burials of the former family were at the latter place, though this is partly accounted for by the fact that Greaves, where Abraham lived, was in Sutton Parish, but much nearer Curdworth Church. Abraham (No. 5) was Warden of the Sutton Corporation, and Churchwarden in 1657.
We have added the Solihull and Fillongley Pembertons, who were probably connected with each other, as they, with those at Rowington, were among the earliest in the district. The Charts are compiled from the Registers of Curdworth, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull and Fillongley, and the Wills referred to on the Charts. The Rector of Curdworth, the Rev. L. Mitchell, kindly supplied a complete list of Pemberton entries from his Registers, and the Sutton Registers were searched by Mr. J. B. Bickley, of Birmingham.‡
It is possible, and even probable, that William (No. 6), son of Abraham, of Tatenhill, was the ancestor of a large group of Pembertons in Derbyshire and Leicestershire† and so of “Thomas Pemberton and sons,” of Birmingham.§
* 44 Eliz. Holden v. Pemberton.
The following legal proceedings concern this family :—
     1601-2. 44 Eliz. Star Chamber Proc. Abraham P. of S.C. Yeoman, Def.
    1681. 33 Car. II, F. of F. Abraham P. and Frances his wife (No. 18) Def.
    1693. 6 Will. and Mary. F. of F. Abraham P. and Frances his wife (No. 18).
    1716. 2 Geo. I. F. of F. Abraham and Henry P. (Nos. 18 and 22) Def.
       and possibly 1733. 6/7 Geo. II. F. of F. Edward and Hannah P. (? No. 11) Def.
See Chart 24.
§ Chart 23.