Chart 14. Cambridge Branch (Part 1).
The third son of Roger Pemberton I. of St. Albans (Chart 10, No. 2) was Ralph, whose eldest son, Sir Francis Pemberton, Chief Justice of Common Pleas (1682), purchased the Trumpington Estate near Cambridge, where His descendants have lived ever since. The last male descendant to own Trumpington was Colonel Francis Charles James Pemberton (No. 60), who died in 1849, and left an only daughter, then Mrs. Campbell (No. 88), a widow with two sons and a daughter. By the terms of Colonel Pemberton’s will the owner of Trumpington is obliged to assume the name and arms of Pemberton. Mrs. Campbell subsequently married Mr. Henry Williams Hodgson, and on the death of her mother in 1869 succeeded to the property, and with her husband assumed the name and arms of Pemberton, by Royal Licence. Mrs. Pemberton died in 1899, and her husband in 1900, and the heiress was Mrs. Pemberton’s daughter by her first husband, Patience Frances Sophia (Campbell) (No. 123), the wife of Canon Hudson, Rector of East Gilling, Yorkshire, and she and her husband consequently also assumed the name and arms of Pemberton. Canon Pemberton has recently died (1921), and as his only son was killed in the war, his only daughter, Mrs. Wingate (No. 154) is the heiress.
After Sir Francis Pemberton, the most famous member of this branch of the family is probably Dr. Christopher Robert Pemberton (No. 41), Physician Extraordinary to King George IV. He was twice married, and the descendants of his first wife are given separately in the next Chart (15). Those of the second wife settled at Newton, Cambridgeshire. Another line, descended from Ralph Pemberton (No. 2), brother of Sir Francis, was closely associated with the livings of Belchamp St. Paul and Foxearth, in Essex, which were held by successive members of the family for over 150 years from 1702.