Charts 6-8. Pembertons of Chester, Neston and Liverpool.

There were a great many Pembertons in Chester and the County in the 17th Century. Among others there was the Rev. John Pemberton, Minister of St. John the Baptist's Church, Chester, who died in 1658, and as we have already noticed, John Pemberton, the Apothecary (Chart 5) came from the same city. About this time there were two Henrys, married and having children who were baptized at Holy Trinity, Chester, one being a rope-maker and the other a baker. Chart 6 gives the descendants of the latter compiled from the Registers, and the Wills referred to on the Chart. Some of the Liverpool families are probably derived from Capt. Henry Pemberton, R.N. (No. 15).
Another branch of the family is found settled in Neston, Brimstage and the surrounding district early in the 18th Century, and the earliest member (Chart 7, 1) is said to have come from Chester. At present this family falls into three unconnected groups at Brimstage and Barnston, at Raby, and at Neston, but it is almost certain that William of Brimstage (No. 1) was a brother of Charles, of Raby (No. 2) and Joseph (No. 3), and that this Joseph was the ancestor of Joseph of Neston (No. 19) who in turn is probably the ancestor of Mr. Joseph Pemberton, who is living at The Mount, Neston, and is the father of six sons. The Chart is compiled from the Wills indicated and the Registers of Bromborough and Neston*. The former Registers are very imperfect, and a search in other likely quarters has failed to provide the missing link.
Chart 8 commences with a William Pemberton, "of Pear Tree House, Neston," and this is quite possibly No. 32 of Chart 7, but here again the Registers fail us. This family is at present represented by Mr. Jeffery F. Pemberton, of Huntington, and the Rev. John F. Pemberton, a C.M.S. Missionary at Meerut.
The Pembertons of Moreton, Cheshire, are given in Chart 37.

*From Mr. W. Fergusson-Irvine's MSS. of "Bidston Registers."