Pemberton DNA Test Price Reduction!

Family Tree DNA, the company hosting the Pemberton DNA Project, has announced a 40% discount on their Y-37 DNA test. That’s the test the Pemberton Family World Wide uses in its DNA project. The price is usually $169.00 (£ 131.68) but until midnight November 22, 2018, their price is $99.00 (£ 77.15) which is lower than the special price the Guild of One-Name Studies in London offers its members. The Pemberton Family World Wide (PFWW) is a standing member.

Maybe a great Christmas gift for someone!

If you have been thinking about joining the Pemberton DNA Project, either with your own DNA or that of a related male Pemberton, here is a wonderful opportunity with this unusual price reduction. So if you are interested, please read on.

One of our goals at the PFWW is to round out our Pemberton DNA Project with samples from all 40 Pemberton lines on the charts of the Pemberton Pedigrees book by Robert Charlet Boileau Pemberton which we re-published in 2014.

Jump Over Your Brick Wall or Prove Your Records

DNA allows researchers to jump over pedigree “brick walls” and work from the other side with the assurance that they are not chasing wild geese. It is also a powerful way to confirm the correctness (or error) of a male line. Y-DNA is passed from father to son with great fidelity so it matches the passing of the surname. It works like this:

1) You identify a male Pemberton who is a direct, patriarchal descendent (unbroken father/son relationships) of the father you are working on.

2) You contact him and explain why you need a DNA sample (a simple, painless swab stroke in their mouth).

3) You make arrangements to have the test purchased and order it.

4) The test kit is mailed to the DNA donor who follows the simple instructions and puts the sample in the postal system to Family Tree DNA.

5) Family Tree DNA processes the sample and returns the results to you and the donor.

6) If you choose, you can have the results posted within the Pemberton DNA Project on the Family Tree DNA website.