Pemberton Businesses

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Melissa Aerobatics
Melissa’s air show routine is a high energy and action packed display of Unlimited Aerobatics in the Edge 540 Aircraft. The show will give your audience everything from the thrill of gyroscopic maneuvers to the extremely complex and technical maneuvers learned through competition. Melissa believes that mastering the skills of both competition and air shows will make her the most skilled and safe pilot that she can be. You will be provided with a full and entertaining display for every type of audience. Melissa views each venue as a new palate where she can create a beautiful painting in the sky to please the eyes, ears and imaginations of all. As a young female in aerobatics, Melissa attracts the harder to reach audiences. The younger viewers can relate to her and be encouraged to pursue their own dreams of aviation! Melissa Aerobatics is owned by Melissa Pemberton.

Pemberton & Sons Aviation
Pemberton & Sons Aviation in Spokane, Washington, restores and flys antique airplanes. Pemberton and Sons Aviation has been responsible for the restoration and/or extensive renovation of more than 16 aircraft. We are based at Spokane’s Felts Field. The most recent was the 1920 Boeing 40C Mail Plane which retraced its original first flight across the US. You can see them all here.

Pemberton Arrow Bicycles
From 1896 to 1982 the Pembertons of Manchester built high quality bicycle frames and full machines. Here is the story of the Pemberton Arrow.

Pemberton Leisure Homes Limited
Pemberton Caravans [You yankees should read this as an RV.] started manufacturing holiday caravans in the Pemberton district of Wigan in the north-west of England in the late 1940′s. From the earliest days Pembertons were built to last and many 30-40 year old examples are still giving sterling service today.

Pemberton moved to their present day factory site at Woodhouse Lane in the Springfield district of Wigan in 1955. Major expansion took place in the 1970′s and in 1980 the manufacturing operations were transferred to Pemberton Leisure Homes Limited.

The latest range of Pemberton Caravan Holiday Homes carry the outstanding pedigree of a 70 year tradition of manufacturing at our Wigan base. Ever since those earliest pioneering days an uncompromising build quality has been a fundamental Pemberton hallmark, which has continued to underpin our company philosophy during 70 years of development and refinement of the caravan holiday home concept. For more information, look here.

Scanivalve Corp.
Scanivalve is the world’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art Intelligent Pressure and Temperature measuring modules. From off-the-shelf to custom-built, we have been providing innovative measurement solutions to our customers since 1955. Our products serve applications in aerospace, power, turbo-machinery testing, factory automation, process control, and more. Communication choices include Ethernet TCP/IP, OPC, and ARINC429. We also offer a comprehensive product line of pneumatic connectors, manifolds, and plastic tubing. Scanivale was founded by JC Pemberton (see Famous Pembertons), and is owned and operated by his sons.

Skils 2 Ascend
Skills 2 Ascent is owned by Rex Pemberton. “We design and deliver a range of powerful learning and development programs for corporations that feature hands–on learning and focus on adventure, creativity, and reflection. Each of these programs blends our expert facilitation skills with innovative content, interactive learning tools and personal storytelling. To help maximize results we partner with our clients during every stage of the design and delivery process. Each program is effective as a stand–alone or as a building block for your offsite, conference, meeting or leadership workshop. Explore their website to understand why Fortune 500 companies like Hewlett- Packard to Coca-Cola Amatil entrust their business to the speakers and facilitators of Skills 2 Ascend.”