Officers’ Roster

Per the Constitution, the first four of the following make up the Executiive Board, and all the following are the Executive Committee. 

President Jackson Pemberton California, US
Vice-President Dixie Ann Pemberton Arizona, US
Secretary Lisa Pemberton Arkansas, US
Treasurer Charlet Pemberton California, US
Historian Damian Pemberton Manchester, UK
Genealogist Laura Pemberton Sparr Washington, US
Technologist Jackson Pemberton Washington, US
Chair: Social Committee Deborah Ross N. Carolina, US
Chair: Publicity Committee George Pemberton Utah, US
Chair: Programme Committee Walter Pemberton Texas, US
Chair: Membership Committee Open Post  

Biographies of Officers

The following short biographies offer an opportunity for members to catch a glimpse of the postholders at the PFWW.

Jackson Pemberton, President Pro Temp

Jackson Pemberton is a “jack of all trades” and the founder of the Pemberton Family World Wide, an association he dreamed of when the internet first began to house the “world wide web” (www) in the mid 1990’s. Jackson is a farm boy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Mathematics, a Master’s in Business Administration and an Associate’s Degree in Land Surveying. He received the latter in 2004 as he prepared for an active retirement.

While studying Land Surveying, he wrote a few articles on the subject which were published by several states’ surveyors’ organizations. His major “works” on Land Surveying were published in the July and August, 2004 issues of the Professional Surveyor Magazine.

During retirement he enjoyed work as a Chain Man on a survey crew before he and his wife volunteered to assist their church with housing stock and a youth camp in Norfolk, England. There he did the original design and architectural drawings for the new cabins he built on the camp.

Jackson was a published author prior to his articles on Land Surveying, having written a series of articles on the United States Constitution for the US Bicentennial in 1976. These eight articles were published in The Freeman, a international magazine of the Foundation for Economic Education of New York. They were later re-published in booklet format by the Rockford College Institute of Illinois.

He and his wife Charlet have raised a large family with five sons carrying on the family name. Jackson’s trade was primarily computer systems analysis, design and programming; mostly in financial contexts. He also worked as an engineer in subminiature instrumentation for wind tunnels and oil wells. In his other “trades” he has run a small farm with field and tree crops, honey bees, goats, chickens, cows and horses. He has remodelled several homes, taught classes, repaired machinery, and has generally had trouble finding an activity he doesn’t enjoy. He currently volunteers in a variety of organisations including Scouting, his church, community and political groups. In 1984 he lead his scouts on a two week walk to the top of the highest peak in the lower 48 states. He currently serves as webmaster for a small community improvement group in his village of Copalis Beach in Washington State, maintains the PFWW website he constructed and writes computer programs to handle genealogy data.

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Dixie Pemberton, Vice-President Pro Temp

Dixie Ann Pemberton, Ph.D. is a native Arizonian. After many years in education, Dixie, a geographer, retired from twenty three years with the University of Maryland, serving as a teacher, researcher, and administrator in the area of environmental matters. An Instructor at the University of Kansas during her studies, she left KU to teach and found the Department of Geography at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, VA. At the U of M, she directed grants and contract work from over a million dollars to a few thousand. Funding came from federal and state agencies as well as private foundations. Dixie also authored some ninety chapters, articles and reports before retiring to Arizona.
Other of Dixie’s achievements include: co-founding the Women’s National Bank, now Adam’s National Bank, in Washington, D.C., overseeing its feasibility study and its site planning, co-founding with four educators, edited for, and together managed, a publishing company of educational materials; now sold.

National offices include election by teachers and colleagues in U.S. and Canada to two three-year terms as Officer and Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors, National Council for Geographic Education, and appointment by that Board to the Board of the Alliance for Environmental Education, there elected an officer, two five year terms.  From the University Park, Maryland, Women’s Club she received the Woman of Achievement Award.

In retirement, she and her husband Arnold continue to travel: Italy, England, France, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Costa Rica as well as parts of Canada and the US; most recently, to Greece and Istanbul. Her services have included being: an officer in Terravita’s Acquisition Committee in its transition from Del Webb to Community self-governance and ownership of its golf and social amenities, invited speaker to an Arizona educational meeting, working with a non-profit to write its proposal for infill housing to the Phoenix City Council, and serving as an Officer in Terravita’s Art League.

In 2005, with increasing health problems, she and Arnold moved closer to medical facilities at Heritage Village, an over 50’s community. Here she continues to work on genealogical research begun in 2002, in collaboration with Daniel Buckley (now deceased), after George M. Pemberton’s (1810-1878) Scrapbook became available through its present owner, Gordon Lee Pemberton. Several of its pages tell the history of Pemberton relatives, beginning with George Pemberton’s coming to the Virginia Colony in 1710 from Cheshire, England. His parents were Sarah Middleton and George Pemberton.  So we called him George I, the émigré, George II, and his son, born in Virginia in 1718, George III. He moved his family with his brother Isaiah to South Carolina in 1771, and into Kentucky, in 1801. There he died in 1827. By then, George M., born in 1810, was 17 years old. One of his sons, my grandfather moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1922. Now collaboration continues through Jackson Pemberton, and the Pemberton Family World Wide.

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Laura Pemberton Sparr, Genealogist

Laura Pemberton Sparr is a professional genealogist who took her first class in November of 1989, at the United States’ National Archives in Seattle, Washington. That first class dealt with military records research. She came away feeling she had not gained the knowledge she really wanted, so she began taking classes provided by genealogical and family history societies.  After 22 such classes she decided she wanted to teach genealogical research.

To prepare herself, she began traveling extensively, garnering a great deal of genealogical information on the Pemberton families as she traveled. Her first travels were among the United States so as to be better prepared to inform her students about the various research facilities. She has also travelled extensively in Ireland.

Laura has taken clients off and on, but she prefers to teach people how to locate information for themselves, and is fascinated by the “where and how to find that record” process.  She has a personal genealogical library specializing in genealogical source materials that requires 1,300 linear foot of shelf space.

Laura is the past President of the Washington State Genealogical Society and is often called upon to speak at family history and genealogical society meetings.

George S. Pemberton, Ph. D.

Dr. Pemberton has spent a lifetime in the fields of marketing and education. He taught in both public and private settings and on the university level. He has served in educational administrative positions, and has lectured extensively on self-improvement and educational topics for Brigham Young University, the Napoleon Hill Academy, and in his own business.

George has a Masters Degree in Communications from BYU and a Ph.D. in Family Education from George Wythe College. He co-authored the instructors’ manual for The Science of Personal Achievement, a course in personal excellence by Dr. Napoleon Hill and taught it in Washington and Utah.

Dr. Pemberton served as a chaplain at the Utah State Prison for 12 years. He is a former National Sales Advisor for a leading firm to set up and train franchisees across the U.S. and Canada. George and his marketing staff doubled the number of guests to Utah’s Rockin’ R Ranch, three years in a row and supervised the on-site services, amenities and activities.

George and his wife, Ulene, have written two volumes on Peaceful Parenting, sharing basic and essential principles and values.  Dr. Pemberton is co-founder of the Family Journey Center to preserve and fortify families. 

He and his wife Ulene have 11 children, 51 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.