Parish Records in our Storehouse

March 19, 2011 – The last major hurdle in the preparation of the official website of the Pemberton Family World Wide is the publication today of the Cheshire Parish Registers’ data in the Pemberton Genealogy Storehouse at http://PembertonGenealogy.Com. This data, consisting of all the Pemberton Christening, Marriage and Burial events available in the Cheshire Parish Register Transcription Project (a work by the School of History, University of Liverpool) has been extracted from their website into spreadsheets and then special computer programs were written by the PFWW Technologist to convert the data into a single GEDCOM file so these ancient records would be easily searched by members of the PFWW. They have all been placed now in the tree named “Extractions Tree” in the Pemberton Genealogy Storehouse.

While converting this information, two issues were addressed:

  1. Some of the records display Latin names which were the formal names given at Christenings, marriages and less often at burials. These Latin names were frequently replaced in every day usage by their common equivalents. Therefore, this conversion to GEDCOM duplicated records were Latin spellings were encountered so as to provide both the Latin and common spellings in the searchable database. In these cases, special notes were added to the records identifying what had been done.
  2. The Technologist noted that when one does a search for a name, the results are sometimes tedious to navigate. A search for George Pemberton, for example will show both the George Pemberton who is being Christened and his father George Pemberton without any means of discerning which one is which. Therefore, during the processing to generate a GEDCOM file for these records, special codes were added to the Given names so as to identify their role even in a simple list such as a search result. To continue the example, the Christening candidate will be seen in search results as Pemberton, George_BaSn while the father will appear as Pemberton, George_BaFa. (As may be supposed, in this case Ba identifies the record as orginating in a baptism and Fa indicates that this person appears as a father in this record.) The underscore makes it clear that the four letters following are not part of the name, the fact that the code trails the name prevents the code from defeating the search process, and when there is no given name at all, the code will nonetheless appear. The father here would appear as Pemberton, BaFa. These codes are all defined and explained in the Extractions Tree article in the Genealogy section of this website.