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Much can be gained by collaboration among these branches. With the advent of DNA studies and the burgeoning of online data a new era has begun in which we can finally connect the major family branches and these individual scenes of the great Pemberton picture puzzle will begin to flow together, the gaps will fill in and all those pieces still waiting to be properly placed will eventually find their own special spot in the tree of life we call the Pemberton family.
 Each branch represents a project that needs an advocate, the formation of a research group with its own forum and interested workers. Some branches already have their advocates and research teams. The Pemberton Family World Wide website is designed to provide facilities where these efforts can all begin to flow together. In some cases there are existing forums which may be more advantageous to use. One obvious advantage of using the facilities of the PFWW is that it is sponsored by you, the members, and is not subject to the whims of the business world. Your Technologist is tasked with maintaining appropriate backups to all the data of the website including forum discussions etc. (You should always backup your own information, of course.)
This page contains links to some of these major branches. If you have information about those that are not here, please contact the

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