Membership, Benefits, Duties & Dues

Membership: Benefits, Duties, Dues and FAQ’s

This page deals with Membership in the Pemberton Family World Wide. Click on a topic below to go directly there. To become a member, select “Become a Member” from the “Site Access” menu.

Please note that registering an account on this website does not make one a member. To be a member, one must pay dues. Registration only subscribes one to the Newsletter and allows him to see who else is registered and to connect with them via the messaging system of the website. To connect with others, log in, and see the list of registrants.

Membership Qualifications

To become a member of the Pemberton Family World Wide, you must either be a Pemberton or be engaged in Pemberton research. More particularly:

  • To qualify as a Pemberton by virtue of your surname, you or your Pemberton ancestor must have acquired the surname by the usual means, (birth, adoption, etc.) and it must be spelled as one of the accepted variant spellings. Listed in alphabetical order these are: Pembarto, Pembarton, Pemberton, Pembertonne, Pemerton, Pemmerton, Pemperton, Penberton, Penmerton, Pimberton, Pimperton, Premerton. If your surname spelling is not in this list and you think it should be we are definitely interested. Please contact and proceed to join anyway.
  • To qualify as a Pemberton researcher, you should be proactively interested in Pemberton research, or you have contributed to the PFWW family tree. The PFWW does not have a police force, of course, so this is really a matter of personal honour and integrity.
  • Notice: None of these policies are official and will not be until the first business meeting of the PFWW and the adoption of a Constitution and By-Laws. If in doubt, join. : )

Benefits of Membership

The Pemberton Family World Wide offers the following benefits of membership:

Warning: These Member Benefits and Duties are, at the time of this writing, only a proposal to be considered by the first official business meeting of the PFWW. Furthermore, some of these facilities do not exist: for example the Genealogical Panel and the Research Forum.

  • Free subscription to the periodical newsletter of the Pemberton Family World Wide
  • Free access to the genealogical pedigrees, extraction and indexed data 
  • Free access to the on-line historical records of the Pemberton Family
  • Free access to the Pemberton Genealogical Panel
  • Free access to the Pemberton Family Research forum
  • Free email notices of significant Pemberton events
  • Free storage of Pemberton historical and genealogical data
  • Free listing of member’s business in the Pemberton Business section of the PFWW website

Note that the Executive Committee may elect to offer some of these (such as the Newsletter) to non-members also as part of its recruitment efforts.

Duties of Members

Members are expected to do, or not do, as the case may be, the following:

  • Bear the surname of Pemberton in any of its approved variant spellings, Or –
  • Be a descendant of a person with the Pemberton surname, Or –
  • Be engaged in Pemberton family history or Pemberton genealogical research, Or –
  • Be an immediate family member of a Pemberton, Or –
  • Be a volunteer Pemberton data transcriber.
  • Pay membership dues
  • Agree to the PFWW Membership Pledge (see below)
  • Conduct themselves courteously and in a friendly manner at gatherings, and in all communications, verbal, written, or otherwise.
  • Refrain from lewd, suggestive, or otherwise obnoxious behavior
  • Refrain from using PFWW facilities or meetings for political, religious or personal business purposes (except as provided in the Pemberton Business section of this website).

Notice: Members who show a patten of non-compliance with the code of conduct may be subject to termination of membership.

Membership Dues

Membership Dues are used to defray the expenses of the PFWW, to further research, to promote the PFWW, and to secure the allegiance of members. The amount due annually is set by the Executive Board and approved by the general membership in a PFWW business meeting. As of this writing, the amount is £10 or $15. To pay dues and thus become a member, select “Become a Member” in the “Site Access” menu.

Become a Member

To become a member, you must do two things that can be done the same day or months apart as you wish. These are:

  1. Register a new account on this website and obtain a username and password.
  2. Log in and select “Become a Member” from the “Site Access” menu, choose a Membership Plan that suits you, and pay your dues. [You will not see the “Become a Member” item in the menu unless you are logged in.] You will need the username and password you obtained when you registered in step one.

Note that you will not have access to the pedigrees on the Pemberton Family World Wide until you pay membership dues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I have to subscribe to a pledge? The membership pledge is really a way of reminding people of the usual expectations of any organisation. Becoming a member is a bit like becoming married: there are expectations by both the PFWW and the member. It is not a wise thing to become involved in something to which you do not have sincere interest or where either party is only interested in what they can gain without any investment.

What are dues used for? The funds coming from member dues are used for furthering the objectives of the Pemberton Family World Wide, some of which require funds. Officers are expected to serve without any remuneration, but their normal expenses should be covered. These include primarily office supplies consumed incident to their service. Professional Genealogists and DNA testing are both expensive but some of these are critical to the advancement of the PFWW’s goals. The Executive Committee may allocate funds, for example to pay for DNA samples for people whose lineage is important to the sorting out of the major branches of the family.

Can I pay my dues by cheque (check)? Yes. Go the the Membership Plans page and chose a plan then send an email to and ask for his current postal address. Make your cheque payable to Pemberton Family World Wide, NOT to the treasurer. Note on your cheque which plan you want to purchase.

Can I contact other members to ask questions about the PFWW before I decide to join? Yes. Choose “Find a Friend” in the “Pemberton Society” section of the main menu (upper left) and contact any member,

Is there an accounting of how the dues are spent? Yes. The Treasurer is required to report this at the annual meeting. It includes a written document which is available to any paid member. The officers of PFWW can see a current accounting in the Officers section of “The PFWW” menu.

How can I get an answer to a question not listed here? Please send your question to the