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December 22, 1914 is the death date of Major-General Robert Charles Boileau Pemberton, the author and compiler of the famous Pemberton Pedigrees book. The book has been a standard for Pemberton genealogists for nearly a century. Today, in commemeration of the 100th anniversay of his passing, the Pemberton Family World Wide announces the re-issuing of his book in online format and on DVD. As of this moment, 2:52 PM GMT, the first portion of the book is already online and available to registered members of the PFWW. This 2014 online edition features a detailed Table of Contents listing every page and pedigree chart, and searchable text of all pages except the charts and their indices. The online version does not include the charts themselves.

This 2014 edition is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work by volunteer members of the PFWW. The full version, including the pedigree charts will soon be available on DVD to dues-paid-in-full members as of today. Payment of dues for the "Family Patron" membership or higher will also automatically qualify members to receive a free copy of the DVD when it becomes available in January, 2015.

Every time we send out the Pemberton Post to everyone, a few of them are undeliverable. For the Pemberton Post email that just went out, only one of those had a postal address in their profile so the rest are just plain out of touch for the PFWW. Please make sure we have your full mailing address. Only the county (UK) or state (USA) is shown to the public (and we can stop that if you ask). If we have your mailing address, we can mail you a reminder to update your email address - otherwise you are a "goner". To add your mailing address, just login, select "Edit Profile" in the black "Profile" tab at the top of the page. About half way down you'll see the place for your address.

While you are at it, think about putting your other info in there also, especially the given names of the Pembertons of your family history. There are people looking for you but they don't know it because they don't know who you are either. Think about it.

March 20, 2016 – The PFWW received an email today from a member who traces his line back into Manakintown, Virginia. The email states that he has expanded his test to a full 67 markers and that it still matches 100% with the other 67 marker  test of another member who also traces his Pembertons back to the same colonial village. So this line is now very deeply identified.

However, the really exciting emailed news is that he has also submitted his DNA to Ancestry's ethnicity test and found that he is only 4% Western European, but 39% British, 32% Irish and 15% Scandinavian. So he is 71% Unitied Kingdom and less than 5% potentially French.

It is now clear that the so-called French Huguenot Pemberton line is not French at all.

August 5, 2015 - Today another DNA sample kit was ordered sent to a Pemberton in France. This new DNA data will soon be be added to the Pemberton DNA Project! It will be exciting to see what this one tells us about the worldwide Pemberton family. One of the major goals of the Project is to obtain Y-DNA samples from each of the 40 charts in the recently republished book Pemberton Pedigrees by Robert Charles Boileau Pemberton which came off the press a century ago and last again November as a DVD. These DNA samples would allow any male Pemberton to identify which branch of the family he comes from, or, at worst, which of a few charts he descends from - a major help to his documentary research focus. The reason for the caveat is that we may find some of the charts are more than close relatives.