Annual Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2012 – Minutes of the First Annual Meeting of the General Membership

This was the inaugural Annual Meeting of the general membership of the Pemberton Family World Wide organization, its officers heretofore serving on a pro temp basis until this meeting could be held. The meeting was held in the dining hall of Camp Liahona Redwoods, Annapolis, California, USA, during the 2012 PFWW reunion. At about 10:00AM PDT those duly registered and with membership dues in current status were assembled to consider the election of the Officers of the PFWW. In attendance were Jackson Pemberton, Dixie Ann Pemberton, Charlet Pemberton, George Pemberton and Janet Huchingson which constituted all those attending the 2012 Reunion who were voting members.

A motion was made that the entire Executive Committee in its entirety as then constituted should be duly installed as official officers of the PFWW with the possible exception of the Historian post which would, upon acceptance by Damian Pemberton of Manchester, UK, pass to him and otherwise should remain with Graham Pemberton of Tarvin, Chesshire, UK. The motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote of all present.

The meeting was then adjourned.

It is to be noted that Damian Pemberton did, the following day, accept the nomination and election as proposed by those voting and thus became the Historian.